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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

June 24, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house





I didn’t notice until I was half way home but someone left their socks in my car (nice pink and white ones). 

I not sure but they may be Stan’s --- I think Eddie’s feet are too big.




Jane Asher

Janet Ermis

Cindy Marshall

Stan McCray

Nancy Morningstar

Judy Mell

Craig Nelson

Deb Robbins

Billy Robbins

Eddie Rodino

Pat Sellers

Dick Sellers

Deb Smeltzer

Kathy Strukel





The FINAL meeting before the reunion!  Did we think it would ever get here? --- Or did it get here too soon?


As you can see from above just about EVERYONE showed up!  So many showed up that the small wine glasses were broken out in an attempt to make sure everyone got some.  But it soon became apparent that this strategy wouldn’t work because the bottle was flying around the table so often and fast that nothing else could get accomplished.   Still no wine for Jane!  She’s maintaining her abstinence (and still walking with Janet).  Janet was not abstaining – possibly because Stan was there too?? 


·         I got to the meeting a little late and it was standing room only, but there was no shortage of people willing to volunteer me their chair because no one else wanted to take the notes and I insisted that I needed to sit in order to provide that service since I need good blood-flow to that part of my anatomy that does the thinking (or so I’ve been told).


·         Stan has consented to be the Master of Ceremonies – he said he’s already the Master of His Domain so this should be a cinch.  Notice (from the Attendees List) that both Stan AND Janet were at this meeting.  Is it because this is the last committee meeting before the reunion, or is it because Janet and I seem to be going steady?  (I forgot to bring her High school key back tonight.) 

Although Stan and Janet were both at the meeting, they did not sit close to each other, but before the meeting was over I noticed some hugging going on.  (Hey, I only report what I see; I’m not trying to start any rumors here… and so much for going steady!)


·         We asked for volunteers for manning the registration table and suddenly almost everyone had to go find the bathroom.  Those of us who remained in the room took advantage of this and spent a lot of effort on the schedule.  (It took a lot of effort to keep them from seeing the schedule.)
 Well here it is:  (If you have a problem with the schedule please contact the complaint department to collect your quarter.)


6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

        Janet Ermis

        Judy Mell

        Cindy Marshall

        Nancy Morningstar


7:00PM – 7:30PM

        Jane Asher

        Deb Smeltzer

        Kathy Strukel

        Deb Robbins


7:30PM – 8:00PM

        Dick Sellers

        Pat Sellers

        Dave Ermis

        George Strukel

        (Wasn’t than nice of Janet and Kathy to volunteer their husbands?)


8:00PM – 8:30PM

        Jane Asher

        Kathy Strukel


8:30PM - ???

Whoever we can wrangle if necessary.  We figure most people will get there by then so we’ll leave the nametags at the table and hope they will take their own picture.


·         We have someone lined up to take pictures for us on Saturday night. 

o    The plan is to try to get a picture of each person with their nametag on as they register so we can identify them in the other pictures taken throughout the night.

o    We are also going to do group pictures by Jr. High (West Side (the Best Side – hey, no one else would do the minutes!), North Side, Pierre Moran, and Brookdale)

o    Stan will also announce that the photographer will take pictures of any other groups that want to pose for a picture


·         Cindy (finally) had a report on the pole.   She said the pole was stilted and inexpressive… I think “wooden” is the term she used.  She said that the constraints of the pole were not rigid enough but, while this has been a challenge, she enjoys a difficult project now and then.


·         We will have a list of attendees at the table for people to check and see who is supposed to show up.


·         Janet will make questionnaire cards which will be available at the registration table (in her spare time at work, of course). 


·         Stan will print some Name/Address sheets so we can collect address and e-mail changes (in HIS spare time at work)


·         Billy is going to run a 50/50 drawing (at the reunion, NOT in his spare time at work)


·         Nancy is going to bring checks to pay the band and the photographer and a roll of quarters for Cindy


·         The band is going to start setting up around 5:15PM or so(?) and start playing around 6:30PM until about 11:00PM with a few breaks


·         Cindy will be there at 6:00PM and will get set up at the registration table <grin>


·         Craig will set up the screen show and get it running around 6:00 – 6:30


·         The consensus is that we’re pretty sure that we think we probably have everything covered that we can think of. .. as far as we can tell.



Word of the day:  


senior moment  (noun)


sen-ior mo-ment                         (plural   Sen-ior mo-ments)



senior person's memory lapse: a temporary lapse in


·         We also talked about who was going to the Friday night party.  It ought to be a good time although we’re not sure where to park.  Billy suggested using a taxi – but ask for a clean car and a good driver, and if they give you any grief tell them Billy said so (he must use taxis a lot).  Janet asked me to pick her up at 6:30 (eat your heart out, Stan).


·         The meeting was adjourned, the puppy was returned to Kathy, and we all left (but some without their socks!), secure in the feeling of a job well done and with the knowledge that we did our best with what we had to ensure a successful outcome.  We had a lot of laughs, some spirited discussions, and a few disagreements but we always kept our goal in focus and pulled together to get the job done.

Speaking for myself, I must say that I’ve really enjoyed working through this process with this group.  Everyone was committed to a good outcome and all were willing to enter into those “spirited discussions” while listening to different views with the common goal of finding a good solution to whatever the issue was.  And all this with good humor, patience, and forgiveness (especially forgiveness to me for all the poking in these minutes).

So until next time…





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