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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

June 5, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house





Janet gave me her High School key so I can “put a picture of it on the website”... 

I’m not sure, but I think we’re going steady…




Kathy Strukel

Jane Asher

Janet Ermis

Nancy Morningstar

Craig Nelson

Deb Smeltzer



Ah!  It’s nice to finally be caught up!  Upon publishing these minutes I’ll FINALLY be 100% completely caught up (that is assuming I actually get this finished before the next meeting).  So, armed with fresh notes, I am sitting down to complete this task… if only I can read my handwriting…


Lots of ground to cover tonight!  Only a few weeks left until the reunion.  Thank goodness we’ve got the sub-committees all lined up!  Cindy’s so busy she hasn’t been able to break free to get to the last few meetings (see May 19 meeting notes). 

Janet was here, so Stan wasn’t (hmm).

Jane and Janet are still walking and they’ve now added singing to their program!  They came in humming and now I can’t get “The Entertainer” (by Scott Joplin) out of my head.

Down to business.


·         The first order of business was to vote for a Master of Ceremonies for Saturday night (the reunion).  No quorum present but no point of order raised either, so Stan was elected as Master of Ceremonies in a unanimous decision (including the dog).  Now if we can only FIND him to give him the good news.


·         We spent some time going over the list of non-respondents looking for people that we have had actual contact with (talked to in the recent past – come on!) and each making a list of people that either are known to be not coming, or people that we can call and coerce into coming  remind that the reunion is just around the corner.


·         Of course, we talked about everyone that didn’t show up - and ate pizza.


·         We discussed the final planning and preparation tasks for Saturday Night

o    Comment/survey cards which would include a comments section (duh!), and a change of e-mail and mailing address section.  – Unassigned, so I guess Cindy will do it.

§  There was quite a little bit of discussion about what sort of a box we should have for people to put the completed cards in (we have elaborate debates about the strangest stuff, don’t we? – I guess that just means we really sweat the small stuff).  Janet volunteered to decorate a shoe box – which got us off onto quite another tract… shoes… Who had the nicest shoes… Which were the best shoes.  Deb won this hands down as she had the nicest shoes by far.  They were GOOD shoes – both of them.  Slightly embarrassed by this, Deb has asked that further discussion of her shoes, good or bad, be tabled.  We kindly obliged (but they WERE good shoes – both of them!)

o    Double check to make sure that the band is going to show up – Nancy

o    Schedule for the reception table (4 at the table for the first 1 – 2 hours or so) – Unassigned

o    Name tags (pre-printed for the alumni – alumni’s guests will fill in their own) – Janet will calligrafy (new word I just invented meaning the act of performing calligraphy) the name tags personally in her spare time at work.

o    Newspaper article about the reunion – Kathy

o    One more e-mail blast reminder about the reunion – Kathy  (I suggested that she should send that one e-mail reminder blast out about 50 times with a note at the bottom saying that the only way to unsubscribe is to do so in person at the Elcona on Saturday June 28th  after 6:30 and the price is $25 to unsubscribe plus another $25 for each person they bring as a witness)

o    Judy will provide the cake(s) for the reunion Saturday night

o    Follow up pole after the reunion on the website (although, as I mentioned in earlier meeting notes, Cindy hasn’t reported yet on the suitability of the most current pole and as of yet it hasn’t been returned.  – I’ll take this item, if Cindy will show me the results of her investigation on the current one. )

o    Photos –

§  We want to get a picture of each person as they register (preferably with their name tag in place and readable) so we can at least have a shot at identifying people in the other pictures that are taken throughout the night.

§  We want to set up a “picture booth” or place where group shots can be taken such as by Jr. High, Band, Choir, what-ever .

§  Random photos throughout the night

§  I may have a ‘photographer’ lines up – son of someone I work with.  We are looking into the possibility of printing pictures on-site and selling them

§  I will also bring my camera and take some candid shots

§  We will also accept ‘donations’ from anyone who doesn’t want their candid pictures on the website.

o    I’m going to verify what the Elcona has available for displaying pictures (projectors, etc.) like the last time.  I’ve been busy scanning in pics from the old yearbooks, but I don’t know how far I’ll get (as of this writing I have 51 of about 1500 done…)  But I will at least have the Senior pictures and pics from the last reunion (both Friday and Saturday night.)

o    Janet gave me her senior key (does this mean we’re going steady?)  I told my wife that I’m supposed to take a picture of it for the website, but I think she’s getting suspicious because I haven’t taken it off …

o    Nancy is going to bring some cash (small, unmarked bills) to use for change for people who pay at the door, and to bribe any public servants that show up to not look at the van in the parking lot.

o    Is the sign from the 30th reunion Friday Night Party still available?



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·         The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM Tuesday June 24, 2008 at Kathy Strukel’s house.


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