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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

May 19, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house


Kathy Strukel

Janet Ermis

Nancy Morningstar

Craig Nelson

Billy Robbins

Deb Robbins




Almost there!  I promise I won’t ever get this far behind again!  This is bringing back way too many memories from High School – the late night cramming and rushing to finish a paper…  a mini-reunion right inside my head.  But this one shouldn’t be too tough as there was little in the way of new business and we spent most of our time stuffing and stamping a final reunion reminder mailing to those who haven’t responded (one way or another) yet.

  ·       While stuffing and stamping envelopes is about as much fun as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, we made the best of it and entertained ourselves with spelling bees, name quizzes, and stuffing and stamp licking races.  We discovered that the alphabet isn’t THAT easy, and that Janet was the fastest licker by far - no one could keep up, not even after handicapping her with the "big glass" of wine..

  ·       With the stuffing, labeling, and stamping finished for the night, we moved on to assigning responsibilities for some of the more important sub-committees.  The following assignments were duly nominated and voted upon:
- Decorations Committee:  Cindy
- Greeting Table:  Cindy
- Refreshments:  Cindy
- Survey/comments cards:  Cindy
- Band arrangements:  Cindy
- Beta test follow-up pole:  Cindy
- Complaint Department:  Cindy
- Backup for Cindy:  Stan 

  ·       Miss a meeting at your own risk…

  ·       Speaking of missing meetings (Stan), someone noticed that when Janet is at a meeting Stan is not, and when Stan is at a meeting Janet is not… Except for the very first meeting.  What’s up with that?  What’s going on here?  And how does one know when the other is going to be here?  Enough questions, I certainly don’t want to get any rumors started!

  ·       Kathy did a good job of cleaning up the smoke and chicken bone ashes from the last meeting – at least as far as I could tell.  Since I no longer have a sense of smell I can’t be depended on to give an accurate report but no one else said anything about it, so I'm assuming she was successful.

Note: I applied for handicap sticker (after all, I am lacking one-fifth of my senses).  This is a picture of my new handicap sticker which I’ve proudly hung from my rear-view mirror.  Now I can finally park in those coveted handicapped spots – as long as it’s in front of a bakery.


  ·    Jane and Janet have been bonding on their early morning walks, starting as early as 6:00 AM (is there still a 6:00 AM?).  Using my enhanced sense of the future (when one sense goes missing others improve), I predict that Janet will miss on June 11 leaving Jane to walk alone down Lexington Street at about 8:30AM where some handsome young man (well, handsome anyway) in a convertible, top down (the convertible’s), will honk and wave at her.  It's great being able to predict the future!

  ·     Gifts were passed out as promised (Ticonderoga SenseMatic 25000 0.5mm AND bubblegum cigars)!  The pencils were new.  The cigars were found in an old box along with my 8th grade West Side album while cleaning out the basement (just kidding! …or am I?)

Stan and Cindy, your pencils are waiting.  I doubt, however, that you want your bubblegum cigars in their current condition.

  ·       The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 3, 2008 at Kathy Strukel’s house.

  ·       Kathy will have a conflict with June 3, so the meeting will be rescheduled for Thursday June 5 at Kathy’s house.


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