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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

May 6, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house


Kathy Strukel

Jane Asher

Janet Ermis

Judy Mell

Craig Nelson

Eddie Rodino

and Eddie

and Eddie

and Eddie…




I’m getting closer to becoming caught up with publishing these committee meeting notes.  Again, I have just a few notes and am working mostly from memory --- and it seems that these days my near-term memory is not as good as my long-term memory.   (Sound familiar?)


  ·       The pole refused to answer any questions, but it has yet to be beta-tested.  We are awaiting Cindy and her report as to the pole’s quality and suitability.


  ·       A relative short meeting based on my notes.  My lack of notes could be because everyone became entranced by my pencil and it spent more time finding its way around the table than putting words on paper.  To be fair, it IS a great pencil, a Ticonderoga SenseMatic 25000 (0.5mm for you pencil-geeks out there).  The only way I could get it back was to promise to bring one for everyone to the next meeting.


  ·       Eddie came to the meeting (4 times – he’s so dedicated! – I think he’s trying to make up for Stan’s lack of attendance). Anyway he (Eddie, not Stan) had some information about the Friday night event, then some more information about the Friday night event, then some MORE information about the Friday night event!  It looks like there WILL be  a Friday night event (especially if Eddie has anything to do with it).

Cheryl and Dave Raber and Eddie (sorry if I missed anyone here, let me know & I’ll fix the notes) have firmed up the Italian Club for Friday night June 27, from 7 to ?? (Midnight maybe?  Is there still a Midnight?).  There will be a $5.00 cover charge and a cash bar.


  ·       Eddie came back to the meeting and reported that he was in contact with a few bands for Friday event.


  ·       Eddie came back to the meeting and announced that The Source band will be performing at the Friday night party.  Jeff Huff and Steve Lisi (class of 72) are in this band which used to be called Prime Source.  I’m supposed to put a witty announcement on the website.


  ·       Eddie came to the meeting again, but my pencil was off on another one of its nomadic adventures.  I remember that he left us wondering about just who IS Eddie going to nail on Main Street?  (I’m bringing lots of extra pencils to the next meeting – this was probably some interesting discussion).


  ·     There were a few reports of people who did not receive a mailed invitation that was indeed mailed and was not returned as undeliverable.  We talked about sending a reminder mailing to the alumni that have not responded to the invitation in case some of them did not get delivered (I wonder how many of these went through the Middlebury post office? – this question this from the future.  It seems that the Middlebury post office had will have a problem with someone stashing a BUNCH of mail in his/her bedroom instead of delivering it).

Kathy will print the reminder invitations and labels and we will all get to fold, stuff, label, and stamp them at the next meeting (yippie…)  … and eat pizza (YIPPEE!)


  ·       Stan was not present for his re-initiation (see the April 1 meeting notes) so we had it without him.  Most of us probably don’t remember the specifics.  I hope Kathy can get the smell of the chicken bones and incense out of the house before the next meeting. 

  ·       Official EHS73 reunion committee declarations:

Stan, you are officially re-initiated (HA!), so you can come to the meetings!  (Once you’re in, there’s only one way out!)

Jane, you can’t have any wine and you must take long walks early in the morning with Janet.

Janet, you get the big glass at the next meeting. 

  ·       Eddie gone (again), Stan re-initiated, important decisions made, and pizza eaten, we swept up the ashes and adjourned the meeting.  (Stan, the nightmares will eventually go away.)

  ·       The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 Monday, May 19, 2008 at Kathy Strukel’s house


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