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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

April 22, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house





Kathy Strukel

Jane Asher

Cindy Marshall

Stan McCray

Judy Mell

Nancy Morningstar

Craig Nelson

Eddie Rodino

Deb Smeltzer




Again, I apologize for my procrastination in getting these meeting notes out.  Busy, busy, you know!  I have a few notes in my hand from the meeting, but I’ll have to rely on my memory for the most part.


·         Eddie and Billy went bar hopping checked out the downtown establishments last Friday night to see how they would respond to a Pub Crawl on Friday night June 27th (the downtown establishments - NOT Eddie and Billy, we know how THEY respond).

They report back that while their mission was a success from the perspective of sampling what each establishment had to offer, it was not a success related to the Pub Crawl.  The establishments visited did not like the term “Pub Crawl” as it could have negative implications were there to be any “issues” associated with said “Pub Crawl”. 

The term “Pub Crawl” is herby tabled and replaced with “Friday Night Event”

The establishments that Eddie and Billy visited also weren’t really interested in sponsoring the event either.  Oh well, it was worth a try.


·         Eddie and Billy did not come empty handed though!  Thanks to some hard work by the Rabers and Eddie  (sorry if I missed anyone on this mention - it's not intentional, just a poor memory - let me know & I'll fix it), there may be the possibility of having a Friday Night Event (see how it rolls off the tongue?) at a downtown location like the KOC or the Italian Club.  They are talking about a self-funding event with a band for $5 at the door.

The Italian Club (the I.A.R.A., better known to the Italians as the Italian American Relief Association - - Italian Club is easier to type, so I’ll use that) can be rented for a small sum and they (the Italian Club) handle the cash bar and cleanup.  This is an interesting proposal and Eddie is going to look further into it and a band and report back at the next meeting.


·         There was a suggestion that we conduct a web pole to see how much interest there is in having a Friday Night Event.

Cindy volunteered to help with the specifications for the pole and to verify that it meets all required standards.  She also volunteered to be the first to beta-test it.
Kathy will compile a list of questions for the pole & it will be put on the website. 

I predict that the pole doesn’t provide much feedback, but we may have some feedback about the pole.  We'll have to see how the beta-testing goes!

·         Judy volunteered to provide sheet cakes for the Saturday Night Reunion.  Thanks Judy!!! (I like cake!)


·          My memory is short, so must this meeting have been.


·         Stan is looking forward to his (re)initiation at the May 6 meeting


·         The appetizers have been agreed on (see the notes from the April 1 meeting).


·         Based on response so far, we are lowering our projection of attendees from around 200 to around 130 or so.

I predict that by May 30 we will have 137 attendees signed up



·         The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at Kathy Strukel’s house




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