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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

April 1, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house



Kathy Strukel

Jane Asher

Cindy Marshall

Stan McCray

Judy Mell

Nancy Morningstar

Craig Nelson

Eddie Rodino

Billy Robbins

Deb Robbins

Deb Smeltzer



·         I’ve been a little lax in publishing the committee meeting notes (it’s now May 30th!)  No excuses, it is what it is.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to find my notes from this meeting so I’ll have to go from memory (!!) . 


·         Another one of us has decided to become like the others.  While some may see this as a BUMMER, others see this as an opportunity to look inside of ourselves and find things from deep inside of our beings that we didn’t even know existed.  Others just see it as a way to lose weight…  Anyway, a warm welcome to our new recruit.  Bottoms up!  Join is in partaking of the nectar of purification.  Don’t look back – look toward the light of self exploration.  Things always work out in the end.


·         Fortunately, we have some pictures from this meeting to jog my memory.


Stan finally showed up at this meeting.  It had been such a long time that he had to take the oath all over again.  His (re)initiation is scheduled  for the May 6th meeting.

·         We discussed the appetizer selection with great vigor!    There was a lot of debate over warm vs. cold appetizers and how much of each should we have.  The results of this discussion would have far reaching consequences as we all knew, so we took this task on with great sincerity and deep thought.

Warm meat…
Cold meat…
Fish  (fish??)… we covered all bases
Veggie tray
How big of veggie trays…
What king of veggies…
Dips… (for the veggies)
Super deluxe, special made something, somethings (my memory fades – probably has chicken in it)
Poles (??) something in my memory sparks poles – maybe it’s the little poles that you use to pick up the appetizers with – toothpicks??  Hmm, must be my memory playing tricks.


Here we see Eddie and Billy studying the options and discussing strategy in preparation for the debate and vote.  The seriousness with which this decision was made can’t be stresses enough.


Here we see another example of studying going on… You can’t let girls have cameras!  



·         Stan led the pre-vote debate (or was he telling us how to get out of a ticket? – can’t remember for sure)
Anyway, it was a long debate, with hotly contested issues.  Here we see Nancy feverishly checking our financial situation and Deb S. working out a cramp (such was the stress) while the rest of us put our opinions on the table. 

Note that MOST of us were drinking water, but a few resorted to spirits to keep going (that’s Billy’s hand on the left…)

Some had left the table to hold caucus in another room in an attempt to develop a fair compromise.

Here we see Billy holding his ground for chicken.



Here we see Deb explaining the OTHER options to Billy.  You can tell he’s heard it all before.



Finally, well after dark, the votes were cast and the victors celebrated.  Look at how BIG that glass is!  No wonder we like to explore every avenue of every issue!


·         Unfortunately, as I said before, I can’t find my notes and I don’t remember HOW the vote turned out.


·         Stan promises to come to every meeting from now on.


·         Even after that long, hard fought debate, we didn’t stop.  We discussed the Pub Crawl for Friday night.

Eddie and Billy volunteered to take a Friday night and visit some of the downtown establishments and talk to them about the Pub Crawl – possibly sponsoring some t-shirts, specials, etc.  They will report on their findings at the next meeting:



·         Next meeting: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 6:30 PM at Kathy Strukel’s house


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