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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

March 4th, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house




Kathy Strukel

Jane Asher

Janet Ermis

Nancy Morningstar

Craig Nelson

Eddie Rodino

Deb Smeltzer



·         We worked on the invitations that were returned as undelivered.

                 Looked them up on the internet to see if we could find new addresses, etc.

Sometimes we were surprised at what we found…

 Pinky (you’re SUPPOSED to be at the MEETING!)




We called some of them up … just to talk.


              Janet’s phone

This part was lots of fun.  I didn’t know that Eddie could do so many different voices.   I wonder how much that call to the Bahamas is going to cost!


By the way Janet, you left your phone at Kathy’s house.  You may be getting some strange calls…


·      Deb is a walking encyclopedia of who’s with whom and where they can be reached!   She says that she just sees a lot of people at work, but I think she either has super powers, or moonlights as a bill collector.

Cindy sent me some information about the food for Saturday night at Elcona:

o    They are quoting us on $15 per person (including tax and gratuity)

o    This price includes coffee and tea

o    They will serve for around 4 hours or until it looks like people are done eating

o    Their suggestion for a mix of appetizers is: (this is a suggestion and we can talk to them about changes)


-Tomato and Basil Bruschetta  (cold)

-Spinach and Feta baked into  Phyllo Pastry (hot)

-Pork Poststickers with Ponzu Dipping sauce (hot)

-Smoked Chicken and cheese Quesadillas (hot)

-Fresh Garden Vegetables with Dipping Sauces (cold)

-Horseradish and Ale Cheese Ball with Crackers (cold)


The above items would be provided in varying quantities and varying methods of service.  In other words, if you had 200 guests, we would not do 200 people worth of each item.  Instead, we may do 100 people worth of some items, 150 of some items, ect.  Also we would put some on buffets and some passed by the servers.



        Eddie and Kathy reported that so far, the downtown pub owners are responding favorably to the pub crawl.

  To dos:

o    Jane is going to return Janet’s phone – the battery is dead now anyway.

o    Cindy is going to provide details about the appetizer stations for Saturday night because I couldn’t remember the specifics… 

o    Eddie is going to continue working on the pub crawl

o    Kathy is going to mail the invitations that we worked on tonight


·         The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at Kathy Strukel’s house (Really!  Trust me!)



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