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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

January 15, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house



Which one is the G string?

You wouldn’t believe some of the pictures I got when I googled for this!



Kathy Strukel

Jane Asher

Jane Bryant

Janet Ermis

Cindy Marshall

Nancy Morningstar

Craig Nelson

Deb Robbins

Billy Robbins

Eddie Rodino

Deb Smeltzer

Has anybody seen this person?

If so, tell him all is forgiven and he can come back, we miss him.




·         Saturday night event

o   The date for the Saturday night event remains June 28, 2008.

o   Reservations for Saturday Jun 28, 2008 at the Elcona Country Club are still confirmed.

§  The vote was 9 to 2 in favor of appetizer stations (instead of a buffett)

§  Note:  The appetizer stations are supposed to be GOOD food, not chips & dip.  Hopefully we will know more about them at the next meeting.

§  Elcona is closed for the Month of January, so Kathy was unable to get quotes from them yet, but we are planning on around $15 per person.

o   Eddie brought a few options for bands on Saturday night (thanks!!)

§  Since we aren’t planning a Friday night party, the committee decided that a band on Saturday night would be a great compromise. 

§  The ECC can accommodate a band and there are plenty of places to get away for quiet conversation & contemplation (…contemplation?  Wonder why I wrote that?  Oh well, it’s written and I don’t feel like going back and erasing it.  I guess that one could contemplate how quickly the last 35 years have passed by, or how friendships made in our youth seem to be more enduring than about anything else, or about how good the appetizers are, or how good the entertainment is (bring your $1 bills!), or … but I digress…

§  We voted 11 to 1 in favor of a band on Saturday night (instead of a DJ)

·         Eddie verified that the Highlife band is available

·         $800 for the night including lights

·         They are sending a contract to Nancy M.

o   Casual dress looks like the preferred dress code

§  There was a lot of discussion about dress code.   Basically, as long as you come legally dressed you should be OK.  A few recommendations below:


For Men:


For Women:


§  I’ve listed some of the commonly used dress code levels below:

·         Casual

·         Business casual

·         Business formal

·         Black  tie optional

·         Creative black tie

·         Black tie

·         Black tie preferred

·         White tie

§  This is confusing, so here are some real-life dress code levels:

·         Oil change mechanic

·         Lawn mowing / Yard work

·         Pajama party

·         Workout cloths

·         Pole dancing

·         Pole dancing casual

·         Pole dancing formal … sorry, couldn’t resist

·         Grocery shopping  (sometimes same as pajama party – right Billy)

·         Mall Shopping

·         Let’s go golfing

·         Let’s go drinking

·         Wedding and Funeral guest attire

·         Funeral attire (when you’re the main event)

·         Wedding attire (when you’re the main event)

·         Inauguration day (and you’ve won)

o   We talked about the ticket price again and, since Janet was there and Kathy was supplying the wine, we were able to come up with a price of $25 per person.

§  This was passed 9 to 2

§  As long as the cost from ECC is what we think it will be, the $25 should stand

§  We are going to offer a special price of $19.73 for tickets purchased  by April 1, 2008 (passed 12 – 0 – WOW! What happened here, Billy?)

o   We are going to have a 50-50 raffle on Saturday night

o   If all goes well, we will be stuffing and labeling invitations at the next meeting.

§  Kathy is going to refine the invitation and send it to Craig to distribute to the committee for approval.

·         There will be a reference to the website in the invitation ( for those of you who don’t remember).

o   Cindy proposed that we have some change of address cards available at the reunion to make it easier for people to keep us informed when they move (pre-addressed to someone on the committee).


·         Friday night was discussed again at length.

o   After another spirited exchange of ideas (all good – remember that!) we came upon the idea of a Pub-crawl (no Cindy, not a pole-crawl)

o   Eddie is going to start putting together a sub-committee to organize the Pub crawl.

§  We might sell t-shirts with the names of the participating establishments on them.

·         These would (hopefully) be sponsored (paid for) by the participating establishments.

§  This would not be sponsored by EHS73 as there are no real costs involved other than advertising on our web site and in the invitations.

·         Discussion about the golf outing and the possibility of a River Queen cruise was not discussed at this meeting.

o   This should be discussed at the next meeting so we know whether to include them in out invitation mailing, if it’s not too late.

·         We briefly discussed printing basic alumni listing or booklet for minimal cost

o   CD/DVD

§  I’m looking for yearbooks, pictures, and even the choir, band and orchestra records (remember those) to put on a CD or DVD that we can sell for a few dollars to cover the costs.

§  So far I have the following yearbooks:

·         1973 Monolith

·         1973 Pennant (Cindy Marshal)

·         1972 Pennant (Kathy Strukel)

·         1971 Pennant (Kathy Strukel)

·         North Side Jr. High yearbook for 1968 (Jane asher)

·         West Side Jr. High yearbook for 1969 (Jane Asher)

·         West Side Jr. High yearbook for 1970 (Jane Asher)

·         EHS Penpoint February 1970 (Jane Asher)

§  Lend me your Jr High yearbooks & I’ll scan them too (in my spare time…)

·         We are going to add the ability to pay from our website

o   Paypal is a good option for this.  The cost would be2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (that would be $1.17 for a $30 item).

·         Recap for to-dos

o   Kathy Strukel:

§  Contact Cheryl Raber about what’s going on Friday night (June 27)

§  Checkwith Elcona about appetizer stations (when they re-open)

§  Refine the  invitation

o   Edie Rodino

§  Start the planning sub-committee for the Pub crawl

o   Craig Nelson

§  Set up paypal account

§  Start scanning stuff

o   The rest of us:

§  Show up at the next meeting

·         The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at Kathy Strukel’s house

o   Kathy is providing liquid refreshments

o   We will order a pizza


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