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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

January 15, 2008

Kathy Strukel’s house




The stage is calling, Pinky.  If that’s your real name…




Kathy Strukel

Cindy Marshall

Nancy Morningstar

Craig Nelson

Deb Robbins

Billy Robbins

Deb Smeltzer



·         Saturday night dinner party function event

o    The date for the Saturday night event remains  June 28, 2008.

o    Reservations for Saturday Jun 28, 2008 at the Elcona Country Club are still confirmed.

o    General consensus is to use appetizer stations instead of a sit down meal.

§  No vote was taken yet (I knew we forgot to do something)

§  Elcona is closed for the Month of January, so Kathy was unable to get quotes from them (I guess they have to clean the pool  SOMETIME)

§  Absolute final decision (and vote if we can remember) on the appetizer stations instead of a sit down meal will be at the next meeting, so if you strongly disagree you’d better be at the next meeting to state your case.

o    Jane Bryant and Pat Sellers report that Ben Decker is available to DJ Saturday night

§  He estimates that the cost will be $500 - $600 for the night

o    Business Casual dress looks like the preferred dress code

o    Saturday night’s ENTERTAINMENT may be a slightly different story (bring your $1 bills & hang around the pole).


·         The Friday night Party was discussed… at great length…a lot…in great depth and with careful consideration…you may or may not like this but unless you were there, we haven’t heard your view on the subject…

o    After much discussion, hair pulling, gnashing of teeth, and general anguished deliberation, the committee decided to not plan a Friday night party

o    Again, planning for the Friday night party has been ended, we will concentrate our resources on the Saturday night event.

o    There are several reasons for this.  Among them are costs and committee resources. 

§  The cost for the Friday night party was looking like it would be higher than the Saturday night event and that estimate was without paying the band.

§  The reunion is scheduled for June and we feel that it will be difficult to plan both events with our timeline and the number of people on the committee.

o    One of us (not sure who that is though) will be in contact with the Flight Band to talk about the possibility of them playing at Harrison Landing on Friday night.  While EHS73 reunion committee wouldn’t provide the planning or sponsor this in our reunion ticket price, we would help advertise in our mailing and on our website.

·         The golf outing and the possibility of a River Queen cruise was brought up briefly

o    This should be discussed at the next meeting so we know whether to include them in out invitation mailing.


·         Speaking of the invitation mailing…

o    Sometime before the next meeting (January 29) Kathy Strukel is going to put together a draft of the invitation and sent it to Craig who will run it through the spell-checker and send it out to the committee members for review. 

o    We want to get the invitations sent out by mid-February.

o    The invitations will be send 1st class in envelopes, so be prepared to stuff, label, and seal at one of the next few meetings.

o    We won’t be sending a snail-mail pre-invitation mailing this time due to the short timeline and cost.  Instead, we will send the invitations and try to hunt down the missing people based on the undelivered invitations.


·         Cindy will check with the newspaper to see what kind of advertising we can do there.

o    We’d like to at least get a free notification in the paper

o    Cindy will get a gold star for this


·         Price

o    We talked about $25 - $35, but I can’t remember if we landed on one or the other for sure.

§  This is for the Saturday Night event only, remember.

§  We may vote on this at the next meeting


·         We discussed not publishing a reunion book

o    Instead, we can print a basic alumni listing or booklet for minimal cost

o    CD/DVD

§  I’m looking for yearbooks, pictures, and even the choir, band and orchestra records (remember those) to put on a CD or DVD that we can sell for a few dollars to cover the costs.

§  So far I have the following yearbooks:

·         1973 Monolith

·         1972 Pennant (Kathy Strukel)

·         1971 Pennant (Kathy Strukel)

§  Lend me your Jr High yearbooks & I’ll scan them too (in my spare time…)


·         We are looking considering adding the ability to pay from our website

o    Paypal is a good option for this.  The cost would be2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (that would be $1.17 for a $30 item).

o    Craig is going to set up a Paypal account so we can take payments from the website

§  It won’t be put on the website until we vote on it

o    Deb Smeltzer will send Craig the info required so Nancy can transfer the money from Paypal to the reunion account.


·         Recap for to-dos

o    Kathy Strukel:

§  Checking with Elcona about appetizer stations (when they re-open)

§  Draft an invitation

o    Deb Smeltzer

§  Send Craig the info required to link the reunion account to the Paypal account (completed)

o    Craig Nelson

§  Set up paypal account

§  Update website

§  Start scanning stuff

o    The rest of us:

§  Show up at the next meeting


·         The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at Kathy Strukel’s house

o    Kathy is providing liquid refreshments

o    We will order a pizza


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