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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

December 5, 2007

Kathy Strukel’s house




Kathy Strukel

Jane Asher

Jane Bryant

Janet Ermis

Nancy Morningstar

Craig Nelson

Deb Robbins

Billy Robbins

Eddie Rodino

Deb Smeltzer




·         Date and location of Saturday night dinner

o   The dates for the Friday night party and Saturday night dinner have been set in stone as June 27 and 28, 2008.  (I chiseled them in Kathy’s driveway on my way out)

o   Reservations for Saturday Jun 28, 2008 at the Elcona Country Club are confirmed.

o   An issue with the meal choice was discussed.  Elcona presented a choice of 3 meals, but we would have to choose ONE of them, meaning that the attendees have no choice of meal.

§  This set about as well with the committee as eating sashimi from the Quickie Mart

o   We discussed using appetizer stations instead of a sit down meal.

§  This seems to be favored although no vote was taken

§  Kathy Strukel  will contact Elcona to find out about appetizer stations instead of a sit down meal (price, what’s available, how long would they be available) and report back so we can make a decision at the next meeting.

o   Jane Bryant is going to check on DJs for Saturday night


·         The Friday night Party was discussed

o   Eddie was on the phone with Pete Axsom to discuss the band for the Friday Night party

§  It looks like the Flight Band will be able to once again reunite and play Friday!

§  We discussed paying them this time (no vote on this yet)

o   Billy Robins is going to check on vendors for alcohol for Friday night

o   We discussed the location for the Friday night party

§  Sportsmen’s club is still under consideration

·         If so, we will pay the cleanup fee/deposit to avoid issues with the Sportsmen’s club’s definition of clean

·         The club may cost more this time as Billy hasn’t renewed his membership

o   Billy is considering renewing his membership

§  We talked about paying this year’s  membership fee for Billy (no vote yet)

§  We will consider other places also


·         We discussed costs for Friday and Saturday night and what we need to charge

o   Janet put on her accountant hat and ran some numbers (we were all surprised – both at the numbers and that she could still count after all that wine <grin>)

§  In 2003 we spent more than we charged.

§  We don’t have a $ buffer like we did last time, so we need to be careful about expenses and make sure that costs are covered by admission charges

§  It looks like $25 per person for Friday night will cover costs

§  It looks like $20 per person for Saturday night should cover costs if we can:

·         Keep the food costs down

o   Looking at appetizer stations instead of sit down dinner

·         Reduce decorations costs

·         Look very closely at a DJ

o   It was discussed that we may not require a DJ and could provide our own music (Jane A. could sing for us!)

§  The sound system available needs to be checked out for this

o   Don’t publish a reunion book this time.  The last one was very nice, but expensive.

o   Consider a CD or DVD with a softcopy book, pictures, and anything else that we can think of to put on it.

§  This could be sold for a few dollars (to cover costs) at the reunion


·         Recap for to-dos

o   Kathy Strukel:

§  Checking with Elcona about appetizer stations

§  Make sure there’s plenty of drink and a festive atmosphere for the next meeting (she set a standard at this one)

o   Billy Robbins:

§  Check on vendors for alcohol for the Friday night party

o   Jane Bryant

§  Check on DJs for the Satrday night dinner

o   The rest of us:

§  Show up at the next meeting

·         This means YOU Stan!


·         The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15, 2008(!) at Kathy Strukel’s house

o   Kathy is providing liquid refreshments

o   We will order a pizza


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·         This from Pat Sellers:  (e-mail December 7)


I just got off the phone with Ben Decker and he said he will pencil us in for June 28th at the Elcona.  He said that he would play music through the cocktail hour for free.  He then would charge $100.00 an hour.  So, possibly looking at $500.00 to $600.00 for the evening depending on what time we start.  I wasn't sure of the time since I wasn't at the meeting (my fault) and he said if money was an issue, he would work with us. 


·         This from Jane Bryant:  (e-mail January 11, 2008)


I ... checked on the Sportsman's Club for Friday night.  June 27 is open, the cost is $400.00 plus a $250.00 deposit returned when cleaned and keys returned.  It would be $50.00 cheaper if a member (current member working at least 3 events in the passed year) were to rent it for us.  Not sure if I can get someone or not to do that for us.




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