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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

October 29, 2007

Cindy Marshal’s house



Parking was a little tight, but we all managed to find a spot



Deb Robbins

Billy Robbins

Craig Nelson

Cindy Marshal

Leanne Randolph

Kathy Strukel

Nancy Morningstar

Cheryl Raber

Deb Smeltzer

Jane Bryant

Stan McCray



·         Date and location of Saturday night dinner

o   The results of the initial polls  for location and date were for the RV Hall of Fame on July 12, with the Matterhorn catering the event

o   The Matterhorn just notified Billie and Deb that they aren’t available to cater at the RVHF on July 12, but can cater on June 28.

o   Costs for the RVHF, catering costs for meals, and the additional costs for tables, linens, etc. are now known and it appears that the additional cost requirements for tables, linens, etc. will be prohibitive.

§   $400 for the RVHF location

§  $15.99 per person for meal

§  $10 per person for tables, chairs, linens, etc

o   An alternative is to use a smaller room at Matterhorn (available either June 28 or July 12)

§  The room available at the Matterhorn is too small for our needs

§  They have a requirement for security (which is an additional fee)

o   Cindy reported that Elcona Country Club is available

§  There is enough room for our needs

§  No deposit required

§  No room fee

§  They will work with us to stay within out budget

§  Room is available for June 28

o   We verified that June 28 (our initial first choice) is not conflicting with the Elkhart Jazz Festival

o   Motion made and seconded to vote on setting June 28 as the date for the Saturday night dinner

§  Yes - 10

§  No – 1

§  Motion passed to set June 28 as the date for the Saturday night dinner

o   Motion made and seconded to vote on using Elcona Country Club for the Saturday night dinner

§  Yes – 10

§  No – 0

§  Abstain – 1

§  Motion passed to use Elcona Country Club for the Saturday night dinner


… so much for web polls…


(Whew! Glad THAT’S done!)


Discussion resumed after some brief revelry celebrating the completion of what is surely the toughest task of the whole project.


(Hey, we celebrate EVERYTHING)


·         The following items were discussed

o   Cash bar at the Saturday night dinner

§  Approved

o   Event charges

§  $30 for the Saturday night dinner was discussed, but not voted on

o   Saturday night dinner  time

§  7:00PM to 12:00 Midnight was discussed, but not voted on

o   Motion made and seconded to vote for Buffet style dinner

§  Yes – 10

§  No – 0

§  Abstain – 1

o   Appetizers before the Saturday night dinner

§  Tabled until we determine whether there will be enough money

o   Entertainment at the Saturday night dinner

§  The most popular option is a DJ

·         Pat S is going to check on DJs

§  Further discussion at next meeting


·      Craig will add a web link for classmates to use to add their e-mail and street addresses instead of sending an e-mail directly to him.  This will make it easier to identify new e-mail and address.


·       We will send an e-mail blast to classmates before the next meeting.

o   We will send snail-mail only to classmates that we do not have e-mail address for and to those whose e-mail is undeliverable.


·      We are asking each committee member to look through the reunion booklet from the 30th reunion and mark the entries that you know have a correct address.

o   Please bring these to the next meeting


·       We will start discussion of Friday night party at the next meeting

o   Billie will check to see if the Sportsmen’s Club is available for June 27, 2008


·      Next meeting to be held at 6:30PM on Tuesday, December 4, at Kathy Strukel’s house. 

o   Kathy is going to supply the Beer, wine, and soft drinks (really!)

o   We’re going to order pizza again


Please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.


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Some notes about Elcona since the last meeting from Cindy: (11/13/2007)


- They have a screen and they said the easy thing to do is put it on a DVD they can just put it in and we are good to go.  They do not charge for us to use it.


I can create a DVD with the slide show, etc.  (This will give me an excuse to buy some more hardware!)  I’ll be checking on this to make sure I’m compatible - Craig


- Also [they] did not recommend a buffet, with that many people you end up either last getting the bottom of food or new portions that end up with a lot left over that we would end up paying for.  His suggestion is a sit down that can be done really nice, or  doing appetizers stations that still makes it easy to socialize.


Let’s talk about this at the next meeting.- Craig


 - Also an idea; do we need a reunion book?  We having a web site you can go to it at any time to keep up to date and also change anything weather address or e-mail, I was just thinking about saving money, also if people don't have a computer (they must live in caves) we could have a paper with committee members names numbers address, ect. they can always contact us that way.  It would also make our job easier.


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Kathy reports that she ran into Pete Axom last week, he has been in touch with Scott Sotebeer and they have started the ball rolling for another Flight Band Reunion.  It will take a couple of weeks for Scott & Pete to get in touch with everyone and see if they can pull it together.  Pete will get back in touch with Cheryl when he has more info.  (11/13/2007)


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The committee meeting date has been changed from Tuesday, Dec 4th to Wednesday, Dec 5th.  It's still at Kathy's house at 6:30 PM.

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