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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

October 9, 2007



Janet Ermis

Deb Robbins

Billy Robbins

Craig Nelson

Cindy Marshall

Leanne Randolph

Kathy Strukel

Nancy Morningstar

Pat Sellers

Cheryl Raber

Jane Asher

Diane Krill

Eddie Rodino

Donna Rodino


Old Business:

More aches and pains and we forget a lot more.


New Business

·        Nancy will send Craig a list of obituaries that she’s been collecting so he can make sure they are on the Remembrance page.  (eventually)

·      Committee concentrated on discussing the Saturday night dinner – finalizing a date and location.  We then discussed it:

·      Billy R reported that the RV Hall of Fame has room large enough for the Saturday night dinner that can handle 250 or more for $400.

o   Matterhorn would provide the catering

·      Discussion about date and location of reunion dinner (Saturday night)

o   After considering some feedback regarding having the reunion in June, it was determined by a majority of the committee members that we should NOT try to hold the reunion in June 2008, as graduations and weddings may interfere.  It was decided to look at July 12, June 28, and August 9 for the Saturday night dinner

§  July 12 is first choice (I think), followed by June 28, then August 9

§  Billy is going to check with the RV Hall of Fame for these dates

§  Billy is also going to check with the Matterhorn regarding catering at the RFV Hall of Fame

·         3 meal choices

·         An appetizer option (instead of sit-down meal)

·         Would Matterhorn provide chairs and tables

·         Can Matterhorn cater the liquor, or can we arrange our own caterer for liquor

o   Cindy M is going to check availability of Elcona Country Club for these dates (as a back-up)

o   The information from Billy and Cindy will be sent to Craig who will send an e-mail to committee members.  The decision for date and location will be determined via e-mail before the next meeting.

·      Discussion about music at the Saturday night dinner

o   We discussed whether we wanted a band or a DJ. 

§  No determination was made

o   Deb Robbins will call Single White Chocolate.

§  I don’t know the status if this

o   Ben Decker said that he would be available to DJ – Pat will verify with him when we have a date set. Possibly use “The Woodman” ($400)

·      Discussion about the Friday night reunion party

o   Eddie reports that Pete A is going to see if the Flight Band can reunite once again.

o   The committee decided to focus on the Saturday night dinner at this meeting

o   The South end of the table had some discussion about Friday night while the North end of the table discussed more important things:

§  I’m waiting for notes from Cindy for the South-End sub-committee meeting 

§  The North-End subcommittee reports that:

·         Eddie likes the cheese at the other end of the table better

·         Donna really likes the bread

·         Eddie reported that Stan had the idea to have another boat party at Simonton Lake, like after the last reunion.  


  (yes, those are light bulbs to represent the fact that Stand had an idea – what else could they possibly be?)

·      Discussion about  price for Friday and Saturday night

o   Tabled for another meeting

·      Discussion about golf outing

o   Tabled for another meeting

·      Jane A will put a notice of the reunion on when we have a date set

·      Kathy S will send Craig info on a contact/e-mail application that we may be able to use for classmates e-mail blasts

·      Craig will add a web link for classmates to use to add their e-mail and street addresses instead of sending an e-mail directly to him.  This will make it easier to identify new e-mail and address.

·      We will send an e-mail blast to classmates when we have date and location set.  We will send snail-mail only to classmates that we do not have e-mail address for and to those whose e-mail is undeliverable.

·      We are asking each committee member to look through the reunion booklet from the 30th reunion and mark the entries that you know have a correct address.

·      Next meeting to be held at 6:30PM on Monday, October2 9, at Cindy Marshal’s house. 

o   BYOB

o   We will order pizza (but Cindy’s not buying)

§  I  don’t blame her, she’s seen us eat!




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