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EHS73 35TH Year Reunion Committee Meeting

September 24, 2007

Harrison Landing


Cindy Marshall was kind enough to take the minutes at the 35th Reunion committee meeting at Harrison Landing (see below).


There is a lot of important information here, so be sure that you read it thoroughly and complete the tasks assigned to you before the next meeting.  Those of you who could not attend can get up to speed for the next meeting which is to be held at 6:30PM on October 9, 2007  at Lucchese’s Italian Restaurant, 655 County Road 17, Elkhart (this is on the ‘new’ County Road 17 down the road from Signature Lanes).   

I’m going to ask her to not copy-protect her notes for the next meeting since my scanner blew up when I tried to scan it to send out to you.  One new scanner later and here you go!


In the event that you can’t read hieroglyphics, I’ve included the English version below:


Janet Ermis

Deb Robbins

Billy Robbins

Craig Nelson

Stan McCray

Cindy Marshall

Leanne Randolph

Kathy Strukel

Nancy Morningstar

Pat Sellers

Dick Sellers

Cheryl Raber

Jane Asher


Old Business:


Yes, we are getting older.


New Business:


 ·       Nancy will send Craig a list of obituaries that she’s been collecting so he can make sure they are on the Remembrance page.


  ·    Committee to proceed with a Friday night party and Saturday night dinner (we’ll also schedule and plan the reunion functions)


  ·    Discussion about date and location of reunion party

o   After much debate, it was determined by a majority of the committee members, including Billy Robbins and Dick Sellers, that we should try to hold the reunion in June 2008, with July as second choice.

§  June 28 is first choice, followed by earlier dates in June, then July 12

§  Nancy M. is going to check availability of Matterhorn and Elks

§  Ramada is also going to be considered

o   We expect to be able to determine a date and place at the next meeting (if we can determine when and where the next meeting will be)

  ·    Discussion about music at the Saturday night dinner

o   Deb Robbins will call Single White Chocolate.  -This is Cindy’s first choice (see ‘cute Matt’ section in her notes).

o   The Sellers will contact Paul Decker about Sharks band

o   Possibly use “The Woodman” ($400)


  ·     Discussion about the Friday night reunion party

o   Cheryl R will talk to Pete A. about the Flight Band for Friday night

o   Possible locations for the Friday night party are

§  The clubhouse(?) at Raber Golf Course

§  Simonton Lake Sportsmens Club

§  Other places that I didn’t hear…


  ·     Discussion about  price for Friday and Saturday night

o   We want to keep the price as low as possible

o   Separate charges for Friday and Saturday nights with reduced price for Friday/Saturday combined

§  We ended up doing this at the last minute for the last reunion


  ·     Discussion about golf outing

o   The Sellers will check to see if a golf outing is possible

o   We will advertise earlier this time

o   We also discussed a River Queen cruise on Saturday afternoon

§  Janet E will check this out


  ·     Next meeting to be held at Lucchese’s Italian Restaurant (655 CR 17, Elkhart) at 6:30PM

o   Someone said they would verify that Lucchese’s could accommodate us, but I forgot who that was

o   Stan said he’d cater the next meeting as he has about 4 pounds of onion rings left over from tonight (yum!)



Updates since the meeting:


  ·     Elks has June 14 open and they are holding it for us at this time.  June 28 was taken.  The maximum number that they can handle is 200.


  ·     Kathy S. has explored the archives from the 30 year reunion and found that there were 200 attendees at the Friday night party and 261 at the Saturday dinner(!)


  ·     Pat S. spoke with Ben Decker and he will talk to Paul Decker about playing at the reunion next year.


  ·     Pat also called Lucchese's about a room for the committee meeting on October 9th.  She's waiting for a call back.



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