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Elkhart High School Class of 1973


When construction of a new High School in Elkhart, Indiana was completed in the Fall of 1972,  Elkhart High School split into Central and Memorial High Schools.  The alumni of  Central and Memorial classes of 1973 have maintained close ties through the years, including combined class reunions.

We were together the in the same classes through our Junior year and although we occupied separate buildings when we were Seniors, we maintained the friendships that were developed when we were one class.  This lead to some interesting situations as each school began the process of creating it's own identity. 

High School is a time for forming identities and generating excitement through athletic competition between schools.  Now, former teammates were on  opposing sides and rallies were being held to cheer our respective teams to victory.  A trophy (Mangy Lion)  was even created to be presented each year to the winner in the Central vs. Memorial football game.  Yet we've always kept our school rivalries in proper perspective with our friendships and common history. 

It wasn't unusual  to see a Memorial senior show up in a Central English class or a group of Central and Memorial seniors get together at lunch.  Teachers also shuttled back and forth between the schools. 

The  line defining the two schools never really formed for our class.


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